Main Tech

Plastics Ancillary Equipment Specialists

Main Tech - Plastic Ancillary Solutions

Main Tech are an Italian company specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic ancillary equipment. In addition to their wide range of standard products their philosophy is a focus on innovation and specialist solutions tailored to the customers specific needs and requirements. Main Tech's company structure means that they can design, build, test and deliver turn-key solutions in a timely manner.
  • Compressed air resin dryers
  • Hot air dryers
  • Desiccant resin dryers
  • Material dosers & blenders
  • Hopper loaders and material conveying systems
  • Specialist pneumatic conveying systems for flakes & powder


Compressed Air Hopper Loaders
Asc-Series Compressed Air Venturi Material Hopper Loaders Compressed Air Hopper Loaders
Single Phase Hopper Loaders
ASM Series Single-phase vacuum hopper loaders Single Phase Hopper Loaders
Three Phase Hopper Loaders
AST Series 3 phase hopper loaders Three Phase Hopper Loaders
Vacuum Material Receiver
CTi Series Vacuum Material Receiver CT/F Series Vacuum Material Receiver CP/S Series Vacuum Material Receiver CP/FM Series Vacuum Material Receiver
Vacuum Pumps
ASI Series Vacuum Pumps
Dust Filters
FST Series Dust Filters
Conveying System Controls
Small-Sys Conveying System Controls Touch-Sys Conveying System Controls Touch-Sys Evo Conveying System Controls
Proportioning Valves
VP Series Proportioning Valves
Line Cleaning Valves
VPC Series Line Cleaning Valves VPCIM Series Line Cleaning Valves
Material Distribution Manifolds
MMDM - Manual Material Distribution Manifolds AMSM - Automatic Material Distribution Manifolds
Volumetric Dosing & Blending
LDM1 Masterbatch Dosing units Volumetric Dosing & Blending LDM-HT Masterbatch & Additive Dosing units Volumetric Dosing & Blending LDM0 (for micro-granules) Volumetric Dosing & Blending LDP1 (for metering powders) Volumetric Dosing & Blending LDL (for metering liquids) Volumetric Dosing & Blending Accessories & Multi-Station Options Volumetric Dosing & Blending
Vertical Fountain Blenders
LMX 70 0 Vertical Fountain Blenders MV70 - MV300 Vertical Fountain Blenders MV500 - MV16000 Vertical Fountain Blenders
Hot Air Dryers
ES Series Hot Air Dryers Hot Air Dryers EST Series Hot Air Dryers Hot Air Dryers
Compressed Air Dryers
DC Series Compressed Air Dryers Compressed Air Dryers
Dehumidifying Dryers
DR202 Dehumidifying Dryers Dehumidifying Dryers DR203 - DR207 Dehumidifying Dryers Dehumidifying Dryers DRD400 - DRD407 Dehumidifying Dryers Dehumidifying Dryers DRD408 - DRD414 Dehumidifying Dryers Dehumidifying Dryers
Monitoring & Energy Saving
DESS Monitoring & Energy Saving
Drying Hoppers
TR35 - TR4000 Drying Hoppers
Residence Hoppers
TM - Non Insulated Residence Hoppers Residence Hoppers TRM - Insulated Residence Hoppers Residence Hoppers
Hopper Accessories
Y Connector Hopper Accessories Flexible Black Hose - Medium Temp Hopper Accessories Flexible Red Hose - High Temp Hopper Accessories Insulated Red Hose - High Temp Hopper Accessories 1-Way Stainless Steel Take Off Valve Hopper Accessories 2-Way Stainless Steel Take Off Valve Hopper Accessories 3-Way Stainless Steel Take Off Valve Hopper Accessories Suction Probe - Single Pipe Hopper Accessories Suction Probe - Double Pipe Hopper Accessories Anti-Static Flexible (PU) Material Hose Hopper Accessories Filter Cartridges & Housings Hopper Accessories
Dust Separators
DD Series Dust Separators GDD Series Dust Separators
Water Controllers
Ecotherm Water Mould Temperature Controllers Water Controllers
Storage Bins
Aluminium Material Storage Bins Storage Bins CSG Series (modular silo bins) Storage Bins CSE Series Storage Bins Two Wheeled Galvanized Wheelie Bins Storage Bins Two Wheeled Plastic Wheelie Bins Storage Bins
Indoor Silos
SLEM Series (for flakes) Indoor Silos CSC Series (stainless steel) Indoor Silos CS Series - Silo Loader Indoor Silos
Bulk Bag Frames
Bag Loading Frame Bulk Bag Frames Bag Unloading Frame Bulk Bag Frames
Automatic Bag Unloader
Automatic Bag Unloader Automatic Bag Unloader
MG Series Magnets
Batch Weighing Systems
Continuous Batch Weighing Systems Batch Weighing Systems