F3200 (in-line box filling & storage)


3000 SERIES – F32xx

F3200 +  F3210 In-Line box filling and storage systems
These Crizaf box filling systems can be configured to fill a wide range of application needs.  Parts can be filled using a cycle count, robot signal, weigh-scale signal or weigh-scale hopper counter.  Customized versions can be tailored to suit specific application needs.
(Also available – versions with index conveyor, and storage conveyor in parallel)

• Empty boxes are loaded onto the conveyor and automatically indexed to the fill position.
• The box is filled by a feeding conveyor, using either a machine cycle count or weigh-scale signal.
• When the box is full, the control system signals the feed conveyor to momentarily stop.
• Weigh-scale systems slow down the feed conveyor to dribble the finished product into the container for an accurate part count.
• The indexing conveyor moves the filled box to the storage conveyor.
• The next empty box moves to the fill position.
• The controller restarts the feed conveyor.

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