FCEV Fluid/Free Coolers


Ecological Free-cooler, modular air/water heat exchangers for industrial cooling with no need of glycol.

Glycol free version, cooling capacity from 103 to 320 kW suitable to work without glycol.  All models are available with brushless electronic fans with automatic speed control for energy saving.

Available as an option, high efficiency “SSS” misting system, providing water temperature  5-8°C lower than the temperature of a traditional free-cooler.

The free-cooler coils are dry, preventing scale due to dirt or limestone.

Many advantages compared to a cooling tower:
  • very low water consumption;
  • no contamination of process water;
  • no contamination due to bacteria (legionella) or external agents
  • easy installation even in existing cooling circuits, even in a second time
  • possibility of future expansions
FCEV Kw103-320, Industrial Free Coolers

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