Minibox Water Cooled Chiller


Compact water cooled water chillers, ideal for stand-alone applications.  Water pump, evaporator and condenser are all made in stainless steel.  Extremely low noise emission.

Available versions:
  • cooling only
  • cooling and heating on onecircuit
  • two cooling and heating independent circuits
High flexibility
  • Cooling capacity from  11 to 114 kW
  • Minibox version (cooling only) with 11 models operating from -5° to 25°C (outlet temperature)
  • Minibox 1/T version (cooling and heating on one circuit) with 11 models operating from 5° to 90°C
  • Minibox 2/T version (cooling and heating on two circuits) with 11 models operating from 5° to 90°C
Low energy need
  • high efficiency scroll compressors.
  • new refrigerant R 410A providing a better COP than the previous refrigerants
  • all models with one or two circuits for cooling and heating mode have an independent electronic control for the internal water refrigeration. This allows an optimal setting of the water refrigeration circuit (up to 20 ÷ 25°C) when relatively high temperatures are required for the users circuits. This possibility minimizes the energy consumption.
  • Automatically controlled energy saving solutions (with or without intermediate heat exchanger), for connection to a centralised free-cooling system, are available upon request 
Easy to use
  • optimum water temperature for each mould
  • easy setting of the operating parameters for any application
  • water flow and pressure easily adjustable for each application
Easy to install
Only cooling water from a centralised free cooling system is necessary (for example the same cooling system of the hydraulics) and one Minibox for each injection or blow moulding machine can be installed.
Minibox Kw9-114, Water Cooled Industrial Chillers
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