MR-FC integrated Air Cooled Chiller


The last series of machine designed and produced by Green Box offers two functions in one cabinet: the chiller function and the free-cooler function.  The main advantage of this type of machine is the extremely easy installation, similar to a standard chiller: in fact there is one inlet and one outlet for the water circuit and only one electrical connection.

A very important characteristic of this range is related to the fact that all the models are equipped with two rows of fans; one is dedicated to the free-cooler and the other is dedicated to the chiller.  This is the best way to grant high reliability to the system and easy cleaning of the finned coils both of the chiller and of the free-cooler.
The basic series, which includes 8 models with cooling capacity from 76 to 302 kW, is characterized by a reduced price. 
The commutation from operating as a free-cooler to operating as a chiller (and vice versa) is fully automatic and is operated by a Siemens 3-way valve, controlled by a differential thermostat.  There is also an extremely high efficiency series MR-H/FC Inverter.
air cooled industrial chillers
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