MR-M / MR-H Air Cooled Chiller


Air cooled modular water/brine industrial chillers suitable for outdoor installation.  Fitted with stainless steel pump, pressurised water vessel, stainless steel plate evaporator and axial fans.  Models with one, two or four compressors and one or two refrigerant circuits.

Industrial water chillers with cooling capacity from 80 to 475 kW
Standard working range
  • water temperature from 5 to 25 °C
  • ambient temperature from -5 to 45 °C. 

Industrial water chillers with cooling capacity from 73 to 427 kW
Standard working range
  • water temperature from 5 to 15 °C(15°C water for max ambient temperature 38°C)
  • ambient temperature from -5 to 45 °C. 
  • process coolers with “AP” high pressure axial fans (MR-M and MR-H) for indoor installation with ducted air discharge
  • models for ambient temperature up to 55 °C
  • models for low temperature applications (brine)
  • stand-by pump or primary-secondary pumps
  • UL compliance
Two new models of air cooled industrial water chillers have been introduced in the MR-H and MR-M series.  The new models are called MR-H 404/2 and MR-M 404/2, with cooling capacity of 582 kW and of 553 kW . These models are equipped with the new 40 HP Scroll compressors, designed for operating with the new refrigerant R 410 A MR-H 404/2 and MR-M 404/2 can be supplied in many other versions:
  • AP version with high pressure axial fans for indoor installation
  • FT/EX version, without tank and with shell & tube evaporator, normally used for cooling of open tanks/baths of extrusion lines
  • HR energy recovery version with heat-exchangers for the production of warm water
  • versions with high pressure pumps and stand-by pumps
In the standard execution, these process coolers are fitted with 1,000 litres built-in vessel and electronic thermostatic valves.
MR-M / MR-H, Air Cooled Industrial Chillers
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