TWIN Air Cooled Chiller


Modular industrial chillers, air cooled, with pump and water vessel, shell and tube evaporator and centrifugal fan(s).  One, two or four completely independent refrigeration circuits.  Water temperature from 5 to 25 °C / Ambient temperature from -10 to 45 °C.

  • two compressors, two refrigeration circuits
  • cooling capacity from 62 to 202 kW.

  • with centrifugal fan(s) for indoor installation with ducted air discharge for Winter heating and Summer ventilation of the production area
  • axial fans for outdoor installation
  • unit without water vessel for extrusion applications
  • free cooler integrated (/FC)
  • with R 134 A gas for ambient up to 55 °C
  • with R 404 A gas for low temperature applications

  • non standard pump
  • stand-by pump
  • electronic interface
  • UL compliance 
TWIN kW62-202, Modular Industrial Chiller
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